Super Mario 64 (USA/NTSC-U/NA) Cheat Codes

Mario's SFX stumbles hilariously and never ends
Doors make no sound
Cool, Cool Mountain Codes
Permanent crying baby penguin sound in Cool, Cool Mountain
Mario has no feet, some objects are invisible, messed up alpha areas of some textures
Baby penguin never cries
Stand still and jump to fly off the stage
Deadly and Painful
Mario Corruptions
Mario has a dislocated arm and runs like a batty
Hardcore Seizure + mario runs with his head in the ground
Mario corrupts when moving
Mario dies and looses his cap when opening doors, drifts around the landscape and jitters sometimes
Mario's head points to the right when standing still
Mario has no spinal column
Mario jerks off slowly and has a seizure when running
Mario jerks off quickly permanent and suffers a seizure while running
Mario jerks off quickly when sleeping and headbangs while running
Mario runs like a moron (head shakes slightly) and has a broken arm
Mario Scratches his back
Mario sometimes lays in the air
Mario suffers seizures
Mario's Arms Seizure
Mario's head corruption (in game only)
Vision Modifier
Lakitu icon changes to a cross and to lakitu alternately by itself
Tick Tock Clock's Painting/dial freaks out
Tiny Huge Island's big Painting freaks out
Tiny Huge Island's small Painting freaks out
Snowman's Land's Wall freaks out
Tall Tall Mountain's Painting freaks out
Wet Dry World's Painting freaks out
Dire Dire Docks's Painting/water wall freaks out
Hazy Maze Cave's swamp freaks out
Shifty Sand Land's Wall freaks out
Lethal Lava Land's Painting freaks out
Cool, Cool, Mountain's Painting freaks out
Jolly Roger Bay's Painting freaks out
Whomps Fortress' Painting freaks out
Bob-Omb Battlefield's Painting freaks out

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