The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (JPN/NTSC-J) Cheat Codes

Actor/Object Swaps
Replace Kryu00
Replace Mcube
Replace Mcyln
Replace Mcube10
Replace Mcyln10
Replace MwtrSB
Replace MygnSB
Replace Owater
Replace Astop
Replace Ojtree
Replace Ospbox
Replace Hmlif
Replace Ywarp00
Replace Ysdls00
Replace Gbrg00
Replace Mhsg6
Replace Mhsg9
Replace Mhsg12
Replace Mhsg15 (golden ladder)
Replace Mhsg4h
Replace Sss
Replace Wall
Replace Blift
Replace MtoriSU
Replace Lamp
Replace Sitem
Replace Hmos1
Replace Hmos2
Replace Hmos3
Replace Ylesr00
Replace Hseki1
Replace Hseki6
Replace Hseki3
Replace Hseki4
Replace Hseki5
Replace Hmon1
Replace Hmon1d
Replace Hmon2
Replace Hmon2d
Replace Hseki31
Replace Hseki41
Replace Hseki51
Replace Hseki32
Replace Hseki42
Replace Hseki52
Replace Com_A
Replace WBird
Replace SMtoge
Replace SMBdor
Replace KGBdor
Replace BFlower ((little) bomb flower)
Replace VbakH
Replace VigaH
Replace Stal
Replace MkieBA
Replace MkieBAB
Replace MkieK
Replace MknjD
Replace Msdan
Replace MsdanSb
Replace Msdan2
Replace MsdanS2
Replace Htobi1
Replace Htobi2
Replace Htobi3
Replace Hfbot1A
Replace Hfbot1B
Replace Hfbot1C
Replace Ykzyg
Replace GiceL
Replace Qdghd
Replace dmgroom
Replace Doguu (pearl statue (0000FF00: orange, 0000FF01: green, 0000FF02: blue))
Replace MegamiD
Replace MegamiF
Replace MegamiN
Replace DoguuD
Replace ReTag0
Replace VolTag
Replace Auc7
Replace Auc1
Replace Auc2
Replace Auc3
Replace Auc4
Replace Auc5
Replace Auc6
Replace Auc0
Replace RotenA
Replace RotenB
Replace RotenC
Replace Tn
Replace Fdai
Replace Ytrnd00 (Huge Tormado)
Replace Plant
Replace Rflw
Replace Table
Replace Gtaki
Replace Tenmado
Replace X_tower
Replace Eskban
Replace Ekskz (stone squid that blows)
Replace Pbka
Replace Yboil00
Replace Cafelmp
Replace MKanoke
Replace MKanok2
Replace Kg1
Replace Kg2
Replace Tt
Replace Hr
Replace Hr2 (pink frog)
Replace BigElf (Big Fiary(?))
Replace Ho
Replace Gkai00
Replace Mk
Replace UkB
Replace UkC
Replace UkD
Replace Mk2
Replace UkB2
Replace UkC2
Replace UkD2
Replace Co1
Replace Mt
Replace Mn
Replace Ah
Replace Hyuf1
Replace Hyuf2
Replace Hdai1
Replace Hdai2
Replace Hdai3
Replace Auction
Replace Auzu
Replace Hpu1
Replace Hpu2
Replace Hkikai1
Replace Ybgaf00
Replace LOD01
Replace LOD02
Replace LOD03
Replace LOD04
Replace LOD05
Replace LOD06
Replace LOD07
Replace LOD08
Replace LOD09
Replace LOD10
Replace LOD11
Replace LOD12
Replace LOD13
Replace LOD14
Replace LOD15
Replace LOD16
Replace LOD17
Replace LOD18
Replace LOD19
Replace LOD20
Replace LOD21
Replace LOD22
Replace LOD23
Replace LOD24
Replace LOD25
Replace LOD26
Replace LOD27
Replace LOD28
Replace LOD29
Replace LOD30
Replace LOD31
Replace LOD32
Replace LOD33
Replace LOD34
Replace LOD35
Replace LOD36
Replace LOD37
Replace LOD38
Replace LOD39
Replace LOD40
Replace LOD41
Replace LOD42
Replace LOD43
Replace LOD44
Replace LOD45
Replace LOD46
Replace LOD47
Replace LOD48
Replace LOD49
Replace MtryB
Replace MtryBCr
Replace Vdora
Replace Roten2
Replace Roten3
Replace Roten4
Replace Qtkhd
Replace Akabe
Replace Akabe10
Replace NBOX
Replace NBOX10
Replace Ashut
Replace Mcrtn
Replace VmcBS
Replace Usovmc
Replace Vfan
Replace Apzl
Replace Adnno
Replace Ycage00
Replace Yswdr00
Replace TnTrap
Replace FgTrap
Replace CmTrap
Replace Hjump2 (iron boots jump box)
Replace Esekh
Replace Esekh2
Replace Po (Photo guy)
Replace TagPo
Replace Htoge1
Replace Skanran
Replace Ajav
Replace Trap
Replace Hha
Replace Htetu1
Replace Tpota
Replace Stoudai
Replace Pbco
Replace Ebomzo
Replace Psail
Replace Homen1
Replace Homen2
Replace Xfuta
Replace Vochi (leaf pile)
Replace Hfuck1 (hookshot aim)
Replace YLzou
Replace Gbed (Ganon's bed)
Replace Vteng
Replace Ohatch (round lid to the figurine gallery)
Replace Rcloud (Round cloud from dragon rost)
Replace Ocloud
Replace MPot
Replace MOsara
Replace MKoppu
Replace Ptco
Replace Ptcu
Replace Kmon
Replace Sarace
Replace Hsh
Replace Hsh2
Replace Mmusic
Replace Gryw00 (beta invisible water field 0090FF00)
Replace AjavW (beta giant water field 00910000)
Replace Omensmk
Replace Itnak (Beta Darknut Statue)
Replace Yfrlt00 (light veil)
Replace FTree
Replace Vyasi (bent palm tree)
Replace Vds (giant round head/face from earth temple)
Replace Rforce
Replace zouK (giant darknut statues from hyrule)
Replace zouK1
Replace zouK2
Replace zouK3
Replace zouK4
Replace Gaship (ganondprf's ship wreck)
Replace Gaship2 (giant ship wreck)
Replace Ghrwp (hyrule portal)
Replace Gdemo20
Replace Warpgn
Replace Warpmj
Replace Warpfo
Replace Ygush00 (water source)
Replace Ygush01
Replace Ygstp00
Replace Ygush02
Replace Hcbh (temple of gods pillar)
Replace Com_B
Replace Com_C
Replace SPitem
Replace HyoiKam
Replace Shmrgrd (skull hammer barrier)
Replace Vtil1
Replace Vtil2
Replace Vtil3
Replace Vtil4
Replace Vtil5
Replace Eayogn
Replace VmsMS
Replace VmsDZ
Replace VgnFD (door with boss symbols)
Replace Ygcwp (glowing sign from gods temple)
Replace Figure (Figury gallery socket (?))
Replace RoHat (merchant's hat)
Replace Gntakis
Replace Gntakie
Replace Gnbtaki
Replace Bkm (Forbidden Woods Boss!)
Replace Bst (god temple boss (FFFFFF00 = head, FFFFFF01 = left hand, FFFFFF02 = right hand))
Replace Bitem
Replace Fganon (Phantom Ganondorf)
Replace Bwd (Wind temple boss!)
Replace Bwds
Replace Bgn (Ganon (mopped,)
Replace Gnd (Ganondorf)
Replace Puti (Miniblin)
Replace d_act0
Replace d_act1
Replace d_act2
Replace d_act3
Replace d_act4
Replace d_act5
Replace d_act6
Replace d_act7
Replace d_act8
Replace d_act9
Replace d_act10
Replace d_act11
Replace d_act12
Replace d_act13
Replace d_act14
Replace d_act15
Replace d_act16
Replace d_act17
Replace d_act18
Replace d_act19
Replace d_act20
Replace d_act21
Replace d_act22
Replace d_act23
Replace d_act24
Replace d_act25
Replace d_act26
Replace d_act27
Replace d_act28
Replace d_act29
Replace d_act30
Replace d_act31
Replace SYAN (beta chandelier)
Replace TagD1
Replace TagD2
Replace TagD3
Replace TagD4
Replace mp
Replace STBox
Replace Fobj00 (white post bag flower)
Replace Tama
Replace Agb
Replace Bg
Replace Himo2 (grabbling hook/rope)
Replace Esa
Replace Boko
Replace Kantera
Replace HShot
Replace Boom (boomerang)
Replace Bomb (bomb)
Replace Bomb2 (bomb flower)
Replace Arrow (normal arrow)
Replace Arrow_i
Replace Arrow_l
Replace Grid (sail (opened))
Replace Kaji
Replace HFloor
Replace Buoyr (blue pillar?)
Replace Ritem
Replace Ditem
Replace Sitem
Replace Iball (spere that big enemies drop)
Replace Grass
Replace Vrbox
Replace Vrbox2
Replace EndCode
Replace yg_awa (Unused (lava?) bubbles)
Replace Yswtr00 (Unused waterfall)
Replace Boko (2nd)
Replace kusax1 (single grass)
Replace kusax7 (larger grass pile)
Replace kusax21 (big grass pile)
Replace flower (white flower)
Replace flwr7 (white flower pile)
Replace flwr17 (white flower pile)
Replace pflower (pink flower)
Replace pflwrx7 (pink flower pile)
Replace swood (single little tree)
Replace swood3 (little tree pile)
Replace swood5 (little tree pile)
Replace woodb (bush)
Replace woodbx (bush (?))
Replace door10
Replace door11
Replace door20
Replace door21
Replace Zenshut
Replace keyshut
Replace K_Zshut
Replace ATdoor
Replace Mori1 (wood fence where medly was captured behind)
Replace doorKD
Replace ZenshKD
Replace K_ZshKD
Replace doorSH
Replace doorSZ
Replace KNOB00 (door)
Replace KNOB01
Replace KNOB02
Replace KNOB03
Replace KNOB00D
Replace KNOB01D
Replace KNOB02D
Replace KNOB03D
Replace door12
Replace door12M
Replace door12B
Replace door13
Replace door13M
Replace door13B
Replace keyS12 (earth temple door)
Replace ZenS12
Replace bonbori (torch)
Replace SW_C00
Replace takara
Replace takara2
Replace takara3
Replace takara4
Replace takara5
Replace takara6
Replace takara7
Replace takara8
Replace takaraK
Replace takaraI
Replace takaraM
Replace tkrASw
Replace tkrAGc
Replace tkrAKd
Replace tkrAIk
Replace tkrBMs
Replace tkrCTf
Replace tkrAOc
Replace tkrAOs
Replace tkrSlv
Replace agbAT
Replace agbA2
Replace agbF
Replace agbF2
Replace agbMARK
Replace agbMW
Replace agbCSW
Replace agbR
Replace agbB
Replace agbD
Replace agbFA
Replace agbTBOX
Replace NoneCam
Replace NormCam
Replace Link
Replace kotubo (wood box/pots)
Replace Item (drop items)
Replace ootubo1 (wood box/pots (?))
Replace Kmtub
Replace Ktaru
Replace Ostool
Replace Odokuro (skull head)
Replace Okioke
Replace Kmi02
Replace Ptubo
Replace KkibaB
Replace Kmi00
Replace Hbox2S
Replace SW_HIT0 (hit switch)
Replace koisi1 ((little?) stone)
Replace koisi2
Replace Aygr (watch tower)
Replace Salvage
Replace SwSlvg
Replace Salvag2
Replace SalvagN
Replace SalvagE
Replace SalvFM
Replace osiBLK0
Replace osiBLK1
Replace Kkiba
Replace Hseki2
Replace Hseki7
Replace Mmrr
Replace MkieBB
Replace Ecube
Replace Hjump1
Replace Hbox1
Replace MpwrB
Replace DBLK0
Replace DBLK1
Replace DKkiba
Replace Hbox2
Replace BLK_CR
Replace CrTrS3
Replace CrTrS4
Replace CrTrS5
Replace CrTrM1
Replace CrTrM2
Replace CrTrGr
Replace CrTrBl
Replace Kbota_A
Replace Kbota_B
Replace KbotaC
Replace Hhbot1 (iron shoes switch)
Replace Hhbot1N (hammer switch)
Replace MhmrSW0
Replace TagSo
Replace TagMSo
Replace PscnChg
Replace ALLdie
Replace TagEv
Replace TagHt
Replace TagHt2
Replace TagMsg
Replace TagMsg2
Replace TagIsl
Replace TagMd
Replace TagKf1
Replace TagKk1
Replace TagKb
Replace TagMk
Replace TagWp
Replace TagDM
Replace TagTy
Replace TagMd1
Replace TagCb1
Replace TagMd11
Replace TagMd12
Replace TagMd13
Replace TagMd14
Replace TagMd15
Replace TagMd16
Replace TagCb11
Replace TagCb12
Replace TagCb13
Replace TagCb14
Replace TagBa1
Replace Evsw
Replace Search (forsaken fortress searcher)
Replace Otble (table)
Replace OtbleL
Replace Warpt (warp pot)
Replace Warpnt
Replace Warpts
Replace Warpts2
Replace Warpts3
Replace Seatag
Replace Warpf
Replace Hys
Replace Hys2
Replace Hsen1
Replace Hsen2
Replace Hsen3
Replace Olift (seerosenblatt)
Replace Ylsic
Replace Yllic
Replace Ylkic
Replace Hpbot1
Replace Vpbot
Replace Hami1 (huge wind temple gate)
Replace HamiY
Replace LTag0
Replace LTag1
Replace LTagR0
Replace AttTag
Replace AttTagB
Replace Ikori
Replace MsuSW (sun moon symbol)
Replace MsuSWB
Replace SWat00
Replace ITat00
Replace SWtact
Replace SWtactB
Replace Hhyu1 (broken stone block)
Replace Oyashi (palm tree)
Replace Kanban (wood signs)
Replace 4kt
Replace ho (pollen)
Replace mo2 (big pig enemy)
Replace moZOU (lazer big)
Replace hotest
Replace Kui (gods tower bell)
Replace Kamome (Seagull)
Replace item (rupee)
Replace itemFLY
Replace itemDek
Replace Ship (Red Lion (Boat))
Replace AND_SW0
Replace AND_SW2
Replace Bb (angry bird)
Replace Ebrock (huge rock)
Replace Ekao (face rock)
Replace Ebrock2
Replace ky_tag0
Replace kytag00
Replace ky00you
Replace ky_tag1
Replace ky_tag2
Replace ky_tag3
Replace kytag4
Replace kytag5
Replace kytag6
Replace kytag7
Replace sea
Replace nezumi (red rat)
Replace nezuana (tons of rats with hole)
Replace kani (crab)
Replace Demo_Dk (ganons bird)
Replace DmKmm (floating seagull)
Replace DmKmm2
Replace amos (Little amos)
Replace amos2 (big amos)
Replace gmos
Replace gmos_g
Replace gmos_f
Replace kuro_s (Morth)
Replace kuro_t
Replace c_green (Green Chu Chu)
Replace c_red (Red Chu Chu)
Replace c_blue (Blue Chu Chu)
Replace c_black (Black Chu Chu)
Replace c_kiiro (Yellow Chu Chu)
Replace bable (fire skulllhead)
Replace bable_r
Replace wiz_r (wizzard)
Replace wiz_s
Replace wiz_m
Replace wiz_o
Replace p_hat (propeller beetle)
Replace p_zelda (zelda)
Replace big_pow (Earth Temple Boss!)
Replace pow (ghost)
Replace sea_hat (propeller beetle)
Replace jbaba (shooting flower)
Replace bbaba (carnivarous plant)
Replace bridge
Replace dragon (valoo)
Replace Nh (single pollen)
Replace NpcSo
Replace NpcNz
Replace Os (god tower playable statue)
Replace Os1
Replace Os2
Replace Ym1
Replace Ym2
Replace Yw1
Replace Ji1 (Orca)
Replace Ko1
Replace Ko2
Replace Ls1
Replace Bm1
Replace Bm2
Replace Bm3
Replace Bm4
Replace Bm5
Replace Bmcon1 (bird man with glasses)
Replace Bmcon2
Replace Bmsw (birdman post office)
Replace Btsw (dragon roost man with blue tattoos)
Replace Btsw2
Replace Zk1
Replace Zl1
Replace Ob1 (fat lady from outset)
Replace Aj1
Replace Km1
Replace Cb1
Replace Ba1
Replace Bj1
Replace Bj2
Replace Bj3
Replace Bj4
Replace Bj5
Replace Bj6
Replace Bj7
Replace Bj8
Replace Bj9
Replace Bs1
Replace Bs2
Replace Bms1
Replace Bms2
Replace Ds1
Replace Rsh1
Replace Kk1
Replace Pm1
Replace Kp1
Replace Pf1
Replace Gp1
Replace Jb1 (Jabu)
Replace Kf1
Replace De1
Replace Sfairy (little fairy)
Replace Md1
Replace Uo1
Replace Uo2
Replace Uo3
Replace Ub1
Replace Ub2
Replace Ub3
Replace Ub4
Replace Uw1
Replace Uw2
Replace Um1
Replace Um2
Replace Um3
Replace Sa1
Replace Sa2
Replace Sa3
Replace Sa4
Replace Sa5
Replace Ug1
Replace Ug2
Replace Gk1
Replace Ac1
Replace Hi1
Replace Pirates (Pirate ship)
Replace keeth (fire bat)
Replace Fkeeth
Replace magtail (Magtail)
Replace RopeR
Replace Ktarur
Replace Ktarux (barrol where you can hide under)
Replace Magrock
Replace Quake
Replace Yfire00 (vertical fire fountaine)
Replace Turu (horizontal vine that hurts you)
Replace Turu2 (vine that lifts you up)
Replace Turu3
Replace Kanat (solid vine platform)
Replace s_turu (vertical vine)
Replace spotbox
Replace Ksaku (breakable wood wall)
Replace spotbx1
Replace Mswing (platform on chains)
Replace Pig (Pig)
Replace Rdead1 (Re Dead 1)
Replace Rdead2 (Re Dead 2 (?))
Replace Fmaster
Replace Fmastr1
Replace Fmastr2
Replace Daiocta (Octopus Boss)
Replace Daioeye
Replace Oq (little squid)
Replace Oqw (giant bomb spitting octopus)
Replace Gy
Replace GyCtrl
Replace GyCtrlB
Replace Bk (Bokoblin)
Replace Ypit00 (hole)
Replace Pitfall (hole)
Replace Nzfall (mouse with trap door)
Replace ScnChg
Replace Oship (bombing ship)
Replace Ayush
Replace Tpost (post box)
Replace Ocanon
Replace Ikada
Replace ikada_h (Beedle's ship)
Replace ikadaS
Replace ikada_u
Replace Svsp (barrol in the sea)
Replace Sv0
Replace Sv1
Replace Sv2
Replace Sv3
Replace MjDoor
Replace Ikari (some strange rope thing idk)
Replace MjFlag
Replace MtFlag
Replace HcFlag
Replace TrFlag (red flag with green sign)
Replace SieFlag (big flag with skullhead)
Replace lwood (deciduous)
Replace Ktaruo
Replace Touseki
Replace frock
Replace fallrck (earthquake sound effect)
Replace Dr2 (stone platform with dragon tail)
Replace Mkdan1
Replace Btd (Gohma)
Replace Dk
Replace Ystm0
Replace Ystm1
Replace Gflag
Replace Branch
Replace P1a
Replace P1b
Replace P1c
Replace P2a
Replace P2b
Replace P2c
Replace Tc
Replace Throck
Replace magma (magma dots)
Replace Bita
Replace YkgrON
Replace YkgrOFF
Replace Dsaku
Replace Otana
Replace OtanaG
Replace Bdk
Replace Bdkobj
Replace SWTdoor
Replace Canon
Replace GBoard
Replace Hlift
Replace Hliftb
Replace Hami2
Replace Hami3
Replace Hami4
Replace Hbrf1
Replace Mflft
Replace ObjTime
Replace Klft
Replace Kita (hanging flower)
Replace Humi0z
Replace Humi4z
Replace Humi5z
Replace Tide3
Replace Humi2z
Replace Humi3z
Replace WLvTag
Replace Fire
Replace Zenfire
Replace Kokiie
Replace Paper
Replace Ppos
Replace Piwa
Replace Ss
Replace WindTag

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