The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (JPN/NTSC-J) Cheat Codes

Actor/Object Swaps
Replace E_hb_lf (Other Deku Baba leftover)
Replace EndCode (crashes game)
Replace DemoItm
Replace CRVLH_U (Another wooden watch platform)
Replace O_Flag3
Replace O_Flag2
Replace O_Flag
Replace O_Mato (More giant rupees)
Replace E_bi_lf (Bomb beetle)
Replace mvbg_a
Replace E_db_lf (Deku Baba Leftover)
Replace E_yd_lf (Twilight Deku Baba leftover)
Replace ShopItm (Sold Out sign)
Replace Passer2 (Some guy with grey hair and goat beard)
Replace Passer (Hylian that carries a pot)
Replace stnMark
Replace burnBox
Replace Drkmst (Mist/Fog that turns Link into Wolf)
Replace Blsnow (Light Snow)
Replace Savmem
Replace Zshake (Heat Effect)
Replace Pikari
Replace Lmask
Replace E_is (UNUSED/BETA Armos)
Replace E_ai (Armos)
Replace E_ba (Bats)
Replace E_bu (Bubble (winged skull head))
Replace E_sw (Moldorm)
Replace E_ge (Guay)
Replace TagGe
Replace E_ym (Shadow Insects)
Replace E_ymt
Replace E_ymb (Twilit Bloat (Shadow Insect Queen))
Replace Fwall
Replace E_hz (Tile Worm)
Replace E_ws (Skullwalltula)
Replace E_oc (Bokoblin)
Replace E_dt (Frog Miniboss Boss)
Replace E_bg (Bombfish 2)
Replace E_octbg (Bombfish)
Replace E_tt (Tektite)
Replace E_dk (Squid/Octopus)
Replace E_vt (Death Sword?)
Replace E_ww (White Wolf)
Replace E_gi (Gibdo (ReDead Knight?))
Replace E_mk (Monkey Mini Boss)
Replace B_gm (Armogohma (Gohma) Boss)
Replace E_gm (Baby Gohma)
Replace E_gs (Ghost Knight)
Replace Npc_ne (Cats)
Replace Obj_gm (Pots hung on spider web)
Replace E_mm (Helmasaurus)
Replace E_mm2 (Helmasaurus)
Replace E_fz (Small Freezard)
Replace E_fb (Big Freezard)
Replace E_Zs (Skull Knight)
Replace E_kk (Chilfos)
Replace E_hp (Poe)
Replace E_zm (Zant Mask)
Replace E_zm2
Replace E_pz (Shadow Zant that spawns little Twilight Monsters)
Replace Kita (Wobbling wood?)
Replace E_nz (Twilight Rats)
Replace E_po (Sand Temple Poe)
Replace Obj_w0 (Web?)
Replace Obj_w1 (Web?)
Replace Obj_cb (Stones?)
Replace Obj_mak (Burning planks?)
Replace Obj_brg (Bridge element)
Replace E_rb (Leever)
Replace E_sg (Skullfish you can catch with the fishing root?)
Replace Obj_tby (4 mossy stone tiles in a row)
Replace Obj_sw
Replace Npc_ks
Replace Obj_so (Little wooden cage)
Replace E_bi (Bombling)
Replace Obj_key
Replace E_hb (Deku Baba)
Replace Obj_hb (UNUSED/BETA Deku Nut)
Replace B_bq (Diababa (Boss))
Replace B_bh (Diababa's head)
Replace B_go (UNUSED/BETA Goron Golem)
Replace Obj_fw
Replace E_ga (Butterflies)
Replace E_gb (Big Baba)
Replace E_wap
Replace Obj_sui (Water Wheel)
Replace Obj_bal (giant froots of that mini game)
Replace Obj_lp (Seerosenblatt)
Replace Obj_nd (Sticks?)
Replace Obj_ud (Ordon Ranch gate)
Replace Obj_us (Wooden wall)
Replace Obj_kn2 (Wood sign)
Replace Obj_kyh (Chains that lock doors)
Replace Bed (Bed)
Replace BouMato (Stick with red top you have to hit with an arrow in Kakariko)
Replace AutoMt (That hurdy-gurdy with ooccoo figures)
Replace Gadget
Replace ItaMato
Replace Nougu (Tools (hoe, knife and rake))
Replace Stick
Replace Mie
Replace SkDoor (Door of the ancient cave in front of the Temple of Time)
Replace Sekizo
Replace SMTile
Replace H_kage
Replace E_ms (Rats)
Replace Obj_tp (Fence of shadow monster battles?)
Replace Obj_ms (Stone Platform?)
Replace E_gob (Vulcano Miniboss)
Replace E_yk (Twilight Bat)
Replace E_yr (Twilight Kargorok?)
Replace E_yg (Twilight Rats)
Replace Obj_fm (Goron Door?)
Replace B_ob (Morpheel (Water Temple Boss))
Replace OcHashi (some big metal pillar)
Replace E_dd (Fire Lizard)
Replace Obj_rw (Pig grill)
Replace Obj_ih
Replace E_yc (Twilight Kargorok)
Replace B_ds (Stallord (Boss))
Replace B_dr (Argorok)
Replace B_gg (Aeralfos)
Replace B_yo (Blizzeta (softlocks in a cutscene))
Replace B_tn (Darknut)
Replace B_zant (Phantom Zant)
Replace B_zntm
Replace B_znts (Platform?)
Replace E_yd (Twilight Man?)
Replace E_yh (Twilight Man?)
Replace Henna (Henna)
Replace Henna0 (freeze)
Replace Npc_du (Duck)
Replace Econt
Replace B_mgn (Ganon)
Replace Hzelda (Evil Zelda)
Replace Worm (Something little####)
Replace B_gnd (Ganondorf on horse)
Replace Obj_gb (Invisible wall that bounces you away with weird sounds)
Replace tboxA0 (Small chest)
Replace tboxA1 (Small chest)
Replace tboxA2 (Small chest)
Replace tboxB0 (Small chest)
Replace tboxB1 (Small chest)
Replace tboxB2 (Small chest)
Replace tboxJ0 (Small chest)
Replace tboxP0 (Small chest)
Replace tboxB00 (Small chest)
Replace tboxB01 (Small chest)
Replace tboxW0 (Small chest)
Replace tboxEL0 (big chest)
Replace tboxEL1 (Small chest)
Replace l8warp (Little Warp Portal that is on the ground )
Replace L1Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L2Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L3Bdoor (Water Temple Wall)
Replace L4Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L5Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L6Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L7Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L8Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L9Bdoor (Boss' door)
Replace L1Mdoor
Replace L2Mdoor
Replace L3Mdoor
Replace L4Mdoor
Replace L5Mdoor
Replace L6Mdoor
Replace L7Mdoor
Replace L8Mdoor
Replace L7door
Replace L5door
Replace Canoe (Little wood boat)
Replace Crope
Replace Cstatue (Little statue from the Temple of Time)
Replace CstaF (Big statue from the Temple of Time)
Replace HoZelda (Zelda)
Replace Mhint
Replace Mmsg
Replace Mwait
Replace Mstop (Link will stop running and Midna appears. Link then runs the opposite position and you can't do anything)
Replace MstopE (Link will stop running and Midna appears. Link then runs the opposite position and you can't do anything)
Replace Hinit
Replace Hjump
Replace Hstop
Replace AJnot
Replace Wljump
Replace Sppath
Replace Stream
Replace Gstart
Replace TgTGate
Replace Lv6Gate (By pressing A Link will „Strike“ his sword into the ground and a cutscene will start. The cutscene does not end but can be skipped)
Replace Lv7Gate
Replace Lv8Gate (Nothing visually is there but you will be able to „Enter“ by pressing A. Link will then teleport to the next closest area/room)
Replace TgTHint
Replace TagAsst
Replace Dmidna (Sick Midna)
Replace Fchain (Chains)
Replace Wchain (Chain that hangs down from the roof )
Replace Cdoor (metal wall)
Replace Cgate (metal wall)
Replace Water00
Replace Digpl (Hole where you can dig and go through)
Replace Digholl (Hole where you can dig and go through)
Replace Bombf (UNUSED/BETA Bomb Flower)
Replace hider
Replace SwAreaC
Replace SwAreaS
Replace SwLBall
Replace SwBall
Replace thouse (Cannon house boat )
Replace ironbox (Iron Block )
Replace l6swtrn (Giant round switch )
Replace l2bmtag
Replace swspin (round emblem on the floor)
Replace spnGear (Red gear)
Replace fan (Propeller)
Replace tgake (Huge rocl thing with grass on the top)
Replace tmoon
Replace gwall
Replace gwall2
Replace scnChg (Area that changes the location (invisible) „Scene Change“)
Replace scnChg2 (Area that changes the area too but Link will stand still and teleport „Scene Change 2“)
Replace noChgRm
Replace readRm
Replace Tetd (Water Temple fence)
Replace fence (Water Temple fence)
Replace lv7saku (Water Temple fence)
Replace YkgrON
Replace YkgrOFF
Replace TagEv
Replace TagEvC
Replace TagEvt
Replace TagEvt1
Replace TagHowl
Replace Tag_ms (Something invisible you can attempt to check)
Replace LntnTag
Replace EvtArea
Replace AllMato
Replace EvtMsg
Replace KMsg
Replace Push
Replace Teloper (Text field (HUD))
Replace CamChg
Replace CamArea
Replace CamAreC
Replace ChkPntS
Replace ChkPntC
Replace setball
Replace atkItem
Replace TagStat (Round floor tile with an eye in its center)
Replace zdoor (Dark grey/black metal wall or door)
Replace rdoor (Dark grey/black metal wall or door)
Replace STDoa (Dark grey/black metal wall or door)
Replace hasi00 (Wood pillar from the battle field where you fightagainst the monkey that has the boomerang)
Replace hasi01 (Wood pillar from the battle field where you fightagainst the monkey that has the boomerang)
Replace window (Big wooden door)
Replace bbox (broken wood box with stones)
Replace spiralC
Replace spiral2
Replace digsnow (Dig snow)
Replace digsand (Dig sand)
Replace fallobj (White pillar segment where you can enter the hookshot)
Replace l7brg (Some Wall/Bridge that slides a bit (its round houses have purple roof tiles))
Replace dr (freeze)
Replace L7lowDr (Dragon)
Replace swTime
Replace pdrobj (giant door)
Replace crystal
Replace WarpBrg
Replace WarpB2
Replace WarpOB1 ( Stone bridge part that can be warped)
Replace WarpOB2 ( Stone bridge part that can be warped)
Replace VolcGnd (Round floor sector of the vulcano (with impact crater))
Replace r09wtr
Replace ballSw (round blue glowing twilight symbol)
Replace lballSw
Replace lbsw (bigger round blue glowing twilight symbol)
Replace R50Sand (Big cone shaped sand pit where you fight against Stallord)
Replace rwall (Big cylinder shaped platform where you fight against Stallord)
Replace l4brg
Replace l4floor (Big ground thing...)
Replace item (Pick up/drop items)
Replace itemKey (Small keys)
Replace kantera
Replace witem (Pick up/drop items)
Replace wshield (Ordon Shield)
Replace htPiece (Items#####)
Replace htCase (Items#####)
Replace Mbrid15 (forest temple bridge )
Replace Mbrid9 (forest temple bridge )
Replace maglift (Iron Tile)
Replace Cldst00 (Torch)
Replace Cldst01 (Other torches)
Replace RMback0
Replace RMback1
Replace Mist
Replace magLifR (Metal platforms)
Replace TCdlst (Torch)
Replace wdstick (Wood stick you can pick up)
Replace stBlock
Replace hsMato (Hook shot targets)
Replace ktFire
Replace hswitch (Metal objects from Vulcano Temple)
Replace goGate (Metal gate or fence (Volcano Temple))
Replace taAmi (Metal fence (Volcano Temple))
Replace fireWd
Replace fireWd2 (Flame)
Replace altar (Stone statue with an owl on it)
Replace gpTaru (Explosive barrel)
Replace spinLf (square stone platform)
Replace bmWin
Replace roofHl
Replace syRock (Weird bottle shaped rocks)
Replace wColumn (Water fountain)
Replace kpot
Replace bsGate (Black metal fence/gate)
Replace amiShut (Drain)
Replace kwhel00 (Metal water gears)
Replace kwhel01 (Huge metal gears you can walk on)
Replace PRElvtr (Round platform made of bricks or sandstone)
Replace swhel00 (Metal water gears)
Replace M_hasu (Seerosenblatt (I should learn what this word is in Englich. But meeeeh))
Replace yiblltr (That thing you can use to get cannon balls from one room into the other (Ice cave))
Replace l6egate
Replace l6eleva (Elevator (Temple of Time))
Replace wtGate (Door/Wall with fins on it)
Replace candlL2 (Torch (Temple of Time))
Replace togeTp (Spikes that rise from the ground)
Replace rotTrap (Rotating metal spike trap with skull heads being stuck on it)
Replace klift00 (Some round platforms)
Replace l4chand (Round stage on chains)
Replace Ychndlr (chandelier?)
Replace hbmbkoy
Replace TagCsw (Giant bells or something like this)
Replace TagCswO (Giant bells or something like this)
Replace P_Rwall (Giant round walls that rotate)
Replace PDtile (Stone pillars)
Replace PDwall (Big blocks made of bricks or sand stone)
Replace Qs
Replace mirror (Mirror)
Replace rGate (Some door)
Replace l3water
Replace l3wat02 (Water surface)
Replace l3watB
Replace szbridg (Short wooden Bridge)
Replace kjgjs (Metal pipes, gears and stuff)
Replace kjs (Metal pipes, gears and stuff)
Replace candlL3
Replace l5icewl (Ice wall)
Replace Turara (Ice sticks)
Replace twGate
Replace L4cdlTg
Replace L4cddTg
Replace togeRol (Blade roll)
Replace l6TogeT (Blade Trap)
Replace Tenbin (Metal pillars or something (Temple of Time))
Replace l6Lblk (Granite-looking block (Temple of Time))
Replace l6SwGt (Golden metal fence (Temple of Time))
Replace l6ChBlk (Metal wall (Temple of Time))
Replace l6FuriT (Blade pendulum (Temple of Time))
Replace KHdesk (wooden table)
Replace Ytaihou (cannon)
Replace L4eShut (Sand Temple Fence)
Replace pofire
Replace pofiTg
Replace poCandl (Stone torches from Sand Temple)
Replace L4Gate (Gates from Sand Temple)
Replace L4Pgate
Replace L4SWall (Wall of dark and light square bricks)
Replace L4hmato (Round grating)
Replace propy (Rotating wall)
Replace L7BsGt (Stone pit or something like that)
Replace optLift
Replace kkiTrap (Another fall gate)
Replace L8LiftX
Replace swStep (Platform that can glow in blue ####)
Replace L9SwSht (Fall gate)
Replace L5SwIce (Ice rock that freezes Link by touch)
Replace glwSph
Replace MR_Scrw
Replace MR_Sand
Replace MR_Tble
Replace MR_Chin
Replace MR_Pole
Replace PPolamp
Replace l5hYuka (Metal plates and metal platform that can kill you by touch)
Replace BYRock (Rock pile without collision)
Replace zrDrock (Rocks)
Replace tkrDai (Giant raft of the Flight-by-Fowl mini game)
Replace Table (Table with 2 chairs)
Replace CatDoor (Little door that white cat passes through)
Replace RetTag
Replace WdStone (Stone you can use to howl)
Replace HwlWara
Replace SCannon
Replace szGate (Temple of Time door (?))
Replace onsTaru (Water barrel with Malo's face on it)
Replace WStoneF (Stone with triforce image you can use to howl)
Replace SCanCrs
Replace snwEfTg
Replace tmFire
Replace L7Prop (Huge propeller)
Replace awaPlar
Replace poTbox
Replace SnwSoup
Replace Nagaisu (Huge benches)
Replace RCircle
Replace L9Chand (Chandelier from Ganon's castle)
Replace L9Pictr (Painting)
Replace SmkEmt
Replace HFtr (Chair)
Replace HBarrel (Barrel)
Replace SCanTen (Cannon that shoots you into the sky)
Replace cstaSw
Replace l6cstSw
Replace Hata
Replace RmbitSw
Replace T_Maki
Replace d_act
Replace d_act0
Replace d_act1
Replace d_act2
Replace d_act3
Replace d_act4
Replace d_act5
Replace d_act6
Replace d_act7
Replace d_act8
Replace d_act9
Replace d_act10
Replace d_act11
Replace d_act12
Replace d_act13
Replace d_act14
Replace d_act15
Replace d_act16
Replace d_act17
Replace d_act18
Replace d_act19
Replace d_act20
Replace d_act21
Replace d_act22
Replace d_act23
Replace d_act24
Replace d_act25
Replace d_act26
Replace d_act27
Replace d_act28
Replace d_act29
Replace d_act30
Replace d_act31
Replace TLogo (Title Screen Logo)
Replace ClearB
Replace Bg
Replace Boom (Boomerang)
Replace Nbomb (Bomb)
Replace Arrow (Bomb Arrow)
Replace E_Arrow (Fire Arrow?)
Replace Spinner
Replace Crod (Pollen (?))
Replace Midna (Midna)
Replace Vrbox
Replace Vrbox2
Replace Grass (Grass) [Y.S.]
Replace stone (Stones) [Y.S.]
Replace Kakashi (Scarecrow) [Y.S.]
Replace Pumpkin (Pumpkin) [Y.S.]
Replace Horse (Epona) [Y.S.]
Replace stoneB (Big Stones)
Replace E_zh (Hand in Twilight Tower)
Replace kusax1 (grass pile x1)
Replace kusax7 (grass pile x7)
Replace kusax21 (grass pile x21)
Replace flower (White Flowers)
Replace flwr7 (White Flowers x7 pile)
Replace flwr17 (White Flowers x17 pile)
Replace pflower (Pink Flowers)
Replace pflwrx7 (Pink Flowers x7 pile)
Replace door
Replace kdoor (Doors you can find in Ordon Village)
Replace ddoor (Huge metal door)
Replace bdoor
Replace ndoor
Replace tadoor
Replace yodoor
Replace nadoor
Replace l9door
Replace l7door
Replace pdoor (Giant door from Hyrule)
Replace bigdoor
Replace kshtr00 (Water Temple Door with gap for water stream)
Replace vshuter (Water Temple Door with gap for water stream)
Replace IzmGate
Replace NoneCam
Replace NormCam
Replace Link (Link)
Replace carry00 (pots)
Replace carry01 (pots)
Replace carry02 (pots)
Replace carry04 (pots)
Replace carry05 (pots)
Replace carry06 (pots)
Replace carry07 (pots)
Replace carry08 (pots)
Replace carry09 (pots)
Replace ball1 (pots)
Replace ball2 (pots)
Replace ball3 (pots)
Replace carry12 (pots)
Replace carry13 (pots)
Replace TagLite
Replace InoBone (Skeleton (destructible))
Replace osiBLK0 (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace dmblk (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace Kkiba (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace smblk (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace Lv4blk (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace Lv4blk2 (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace gstone (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace TagAtt (Wood Boxes you can grab and get on)
Replace mmvbg (Something invisible you can target)
Replace Drop (Tear of Light)
Replace BkLeaf (Dwku Baba left over)
Replace cylwind
Replace TagTrnd (Wind)
Replace mvstair (Tall Wood Bridge )
Replace UHDoor (Ordon Ranch gate 2)
Replace SwBoom (Little propeller (boomerang))
Replace Swboom (Little propeller (boomerang))
Replace BoomSht (Wooden gate?)
Replace haihai (Little vine-covered fence)
Replace stopper
Replace dstop
Replace mhole (Freezes game)
Replace mhole2 (Freezes game)
Replace TagMag
Replace P_Warp (Little Portal on the ground)
Replace fpillar
Replace yfire (Big fire)
Replace pfire (Big fire)
Replace Huriko1 (Some weir trees)
Replace VolBall (Vulcano Effect (falling rocks, earthquakes))
Replace VolBom (Vulcano Effect (falling rocks, earthquakes))
Replace BigVolc
Replace geyser (gysier)
Replace Cwall (Stone plate with chain)
Replace Tansu (cupboard)
Replace Onsen
Replace Obj_bm (Brown Beamo)
Replace lv6bm (Unused/Beta BEamo)
Replace E_bm6 (White Beamo)
Replace TagSpin
Replace L_RopeS (Little metal brisge)
Replace L_RopeB (Little metal brisge)
Replace wcover (Mossy wood on floor)
Replace rstair (Water Temple Stairs)
Replace marm (Magnetic crane)
Replace turnSw (Water Temple stone statue)
Replace chainSw (Chain handle)
Replace wsword (Broken wood sword you can sniff on)
Replace iceblk (Ice Temple block that slides on ice)
Replace KkrSmk
Replace dmele (metal gondola)
Replace wfall
Replace izora (Clothes)
Replace smgdoor (green stone door)
Replace smkdoor (green stone door)
Replace Obj_ava
Replace thdoor (door)
Replace mstrsrd (Master Sword that stucks in the ground)
Replace wimage (Ilias wooden statue)
Replace sword (Ordon Sword that can be picked up)
Replace spring
Replace BkDoorL (Ordon Ranch gate left)
Replace BkDoorR (ranch door night?)
Replace IGateL (Wooden fence/gate covered with vines and pink blossoms)
Replace IGateR (Wooden fence/gate covered with vines and pink blossoms)
Replace HGateL (Wooden fence/gate covered with vines and pink blossoms)
Replace HGateR (Wooden fence/gate covered with vines and pink blossoms)
Replace K_Gate (Big gate and fences with blood stains or the one that blocks your way)
Replace R_Gate (Other fences with blood stains)
Replace kkanban (Broken shield that hangs on a chain)
Replace Mhsg6
Replace Mhsg9
Replace Mhsg12
Replace Mhsg15
Replace Mhsg4h
Replace Mhsg3
Replace bonbori (fire?)
Replace Cow (Goat)
Replace Peru
Replace Kago
Replace TagFall
Replace Kbota_A (switches)
Replace Kbota_B (switches)
Replace KbotaC (switches)
Replace Swpush (switches)
Replace Lv3bota (switches)
Replace Ksw00_C ((unused?) stone cubes that glow in green and fall down when you step on them)
Replace hvySw (Iron boots switch)
Replace buraA
Replace buraB
Replace buraA2
Replace buraB2
Replace bura7A
Replace bura7B
Replace bura7C
Replace bura7D
Replace bura7E
Replace tbox_sw
Replace swLight (Light Switches)
Replace iceleaf (ice leaf)
Replace swHit (diamond shaped switch)
Replace swHit2 (diamond shaped switch)
Replace ObjTime
Replace AND_SW
Replace AND_SW2
Replace ALLdie
Replace rvback
Replace kagoFal
Replace CrvGate (Fence with goat skullhead)
Replace CrvSaku (Fence made of wood, timber and metal)
Replace CrvWood
Replace CrvStel ( huge wooden wal)
Replace CrvLH (Some wooden watch tower)
Replace RvRock (Big black untextured rock)
Replace P2a (crashes game)
Replace P2b (crashes game)
Replace P2c (crashes game)
Replace Gnd (Ganondorf on horse)
Replace grA (Goron)
Replace Obj_grA (Goron 2)
Replace Tag_grA
Replace TagYami
Replace grC (Baby Goron)
Replace grM (Goron 3)
Replace grMC
Replace grS (Goron Elder 2)
Replace grD1 (Goron Elder 1)
Replace grD
Replace grR (Goron Elder 3)
Replace grO (Old Goron from Karariko)
Replace grZ (Darbus (huge Goron))
Replace grARock (Big Rock where one Goron is captured in)
Replace grZRock (Little wall of rocks)
Replace osnFire (Little fire that doesn't hurt Link)
Replace yamiD (Twilight Citizen 1)
Replace yamiT (Twilight Citizen 2)
Replace yamiS (Twilight Citizen 3)
Replace Blue_NS
Replace Kdk (freezes game)
Replace Aru (Fado)
Replace Bans (Barnes)
Replace Besu (Beth)
Replace Bou (Mayor of Ordon)
Replace BouS (Mayor of Ordon 2)
Replace clerkA (Hylian Shop Clerk)
Replace clerkB (Clerk with hat)
Replace clerkT (Ooccoo)
Replace Ash (Ashe)
Replace AshB
Replace Shad (That guy with glasses in the bub)
Replace Rafrel (That guy with gray hair in the bub)
Replace MoiR (Guy with helmet )
Replace impal (Impaz)
Replace Coach (freezes game)
Replace TheB (Telma that sits there)
Replace TgArena
Replace TagInst
Replace GWolf (Golden Wolf)
Replace Len (Renado)
Replace Lud
Replace Doc (Old guy with giant glasses )
Replace FSeirei (Fair dust)
Replace Fairy (Big fairy)
Replace Hanjo (Hanch)
Replace Hoz (Iza)
Replace Jagar (Jaggle)
Replace Kkri (Coro)
Replace Kn
Replace KnBlt (Some scary noise)
Replace Knj (Sage (Ghost thing with 4 masks))
Replace Kolin (Colin)
Replace Kolinb
Replace Kyury (Pergie)
Replace Maro
Replace midP (Midna)
Replace Moi (Rusl)
Replace Raca (Clown)
Replace Post (Post Guy)
Replace Pouya (Little man made of gold and diamonds)
Replace Saru (Monkey with flower in the head)
Replace seiB (Faron)
Replace seiC (Eldin)
Replace seiD (Lanayru)
Replace Seira (Sera)
Replace Seira2 (Sera 2)
Replace Seirei (Invisible something you can talk to)
Replace Sha (Fat seer lady )
Replace sMaro
Replace solA (Hylian Soldier)
Replace Taro
Replace PA_Besu (Beth)
Replace PA_Taro (Talo)
Replace PA_Maro (Malo)
Replace TagPati (some invisible walls)
Replace The (Telma)
Replace Tkj (Ooccoo)
Replace Tks (Ooccoo with fellow (and pot))
Replace ObjTks (Camera stops moving)
Replace Tkc (Ooccoo's fellow)
Replace Tkj2 (Ooccoo you can pick up)
Replace Toby (Fyer/Toby)
Replace Uri (Uli)
Replace Yelia (Ilia)
Replace ykM (Yeto (Yeti Man))
Replace ykW (Yeta (Yeti Woman))
Replace zanB (Zant who loses hi mask and you can talk to)
Replace Zant (Other Zant you can talk to but doesn't lose his mask)
Replace Zelda (Zelda)
Replace ZelR (Zelda in black costume)
Replace ZelRo (Zelda in black costume but her head is uncovered)
Replace zrA (Zora)
Replace zrS (Zora)
Replace zrWF (Zora)
Replace zrR (Zora)
Replace zrD (Zora)
Replace zrSP (Zora)
Replace zrSPA (Zora)
Replace zrF
Replace zrF2
Replace zrF3
Replace zrC (Zora Child you meet on the grave yard)
Replace zrZ (Zora ghost)
Replace GrvStn (Zora grave stone)
Replace zrARock
Replace StAndGl
Replace zrAMark (Giant pots of that Minigame)
Replace myna2
Replace myn2tag
Replace MAN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAD_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MCN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MON_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAN_b (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAN_c (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAS_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MBN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAD_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MCN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MON_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAN_b2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAN_c2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAS_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MBN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAD_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAT_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WCN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WON_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WGN_a (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAN_b (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAD_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace MAT_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WCN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WON_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WGN_a2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace WAN_b2 (Hylian (soldiers?))
Replace shoe
Replace DoorBoy (Hylian with grey hat)
Replace prayer (Charlo)
Replace km_Hana (Hannah)
Replace km_Kyu (Kili)
Replace km_Mich (Misha)
Replace NpcChat (Another Hylian)
Replace chtSolA (Yellow glowing soldier (can softlock game in cutscene when talking to him))
Replace chtSolB (Another yellow glowing soldier)
Replace DrSol1
Replace DrSol2
Replace chin (Purlo)
Replace ins (Agitha)
Replace Shop0 (Goron Merchant)
Replace TagSch
Replace TagEsc
Replace passer (Hylians)
Replace passerL (Hylians)
Replace fmtion
Replace fmtionL
Replace guard
Replace TgGuard
Replace Mk (freezes game)
Replace Obj_Tbi (Scarecrow hat)
Replace Obj_Uma (Horse Grass)
Replace Obj_knk (Chime)
Replace Obj_nmp (Something invisible you can check but no textbox appears)
Replace Obj_Tie
Replace Obj_Lrp
Replace Obj_Sit
Replace Ikada (Rafts (grass with them. Very funny))
Replace Dust
Replace Obj_Ita (Darker Rafts (also replace grass with them, they fly!))
Replace Ice_l (Swimming ice plates (also replace grass with them))
Replace Ice_s (Small Swimming ice plates (also replace grass with them))
Replace E_Make
Replace Bhhashi (wooden walls with green grills)
Replace Yousei (Fairies)
Replace G_Kabe (pile of wood trash)
Replace B_ling (Flight-by-Fowl Rupees)
Replace kab_o (Beetle (collectable))
Replace I_Cho (Butterfly (collactable))
Replace I_Kuw (Slag beetle)
Replace I_Nan (Phasmid)
Replace I_Dan (Pill bug)
Replace I_Kam (Mantis)
Replace I_Ten (Lady Bug)
Replace I_Ari (Ant)
Replace I_Kag (Dayfly)
Replace I_Tom (Dragonfly)
Replace I_Bat (Grasshopper)
Replace I_Kat (Snail)
Replace H_Saku (some metal rails)
Replace sm_door (Something invisible that respawns Link and reduces your health by 1 heart)
Replace Kaisou (Sea grass ####)
Replace Ni (Chickens)
Replace Fr (Frogs)
Replace Sq (Squirrels)
Replace Bd (little brown birds)
Replace Obj_ki (UnuSED/BETA tree)
Replace Do (Dog)
Replace Lm
Replace Tr
Replace Npc_tr
Replace Npc_lf
Replace Fish (Some fish (that swims straight into the sky if not in water))
Replace NPC_TK
Replace Obj_fd (bone)
Replace MYNA (Blue bird that sells oil and potions in faroon woods)
Replace SSITEM (Arrows ####)
Replace SSDRINK (Bottles ####)
Replace Tag_Btl
Replace lv5soup
Replace TGSPITM (Sold Out signs)
Replace OilTubo (Lantern Oil Pot)
Replace Roten (Little shop stand)
Replace Pleaf (Pumpkin Vines)
Replace KBacket (some straw thing Link can pick up)
Replace YBag (Some bag you can pick up that pushes you through the level)
Replace Obj_kg (Baby Cradle)
Replace BbKago (Another Baby basket which you can't pick up)
Replace OnKago (Another Baby basket which you can't pick up)
Replace ObjHasi (Pillar (from Goron mountain?))
Replace Thashi (Pillars)
Replace B_Hashi (Pillar)
Replace E_MD
Replace E_s1 (Twilight Portal enemy)
Replace E_wb (Wild Pigs)
Replace E_rd (Bulblin)
Replace E_rdb (King Bulblin)
Replace E_rdy (Twilight Bokoblin)
Replace E_fm (Fyrus or Darbus)
Replace E_dn (Lizafoe)
Replace E_mf (Dynalfos)
Replace TreeSh (Tree(Spruce))
Replace E_bug
Replace E_bee
Replace E_nest
Replace E_kr (Kargarok)
Replace E_st (Skultulla)
Replace E_tk (Water Toadpoli)
Replace E_tk2 (Fire Toadpoli)
Replace E_th (Ice Cave Mini Boss)
Replace E_cr (Bomskit)
Replace E_df (Deku Like)
Replace E_ph (Peahat)
Replace E_fs (Puppet)
Replace E_SB (Shell Blade)
Replace E_HM (Torch Slug)
Replace E_fk (Phantom Ganondorf with horse)
Replace E_pm (Skull Kid (Freezes on physical consoles. Only use with emulators))
Replace Npc_ne (Cat)
Replace E_db (Baba Serpent)
Replace E_kg (Young Gohma)
Replace E_sh (Stalhound)
Replace E_sf (Stalfos)
Replace Obj_lb
Replace Obj_kb (Box)
Replace E_bs (Stallchildren)
Replace Sekizoa (Temple of Time guardian)
Replace Sekizob (Temple of Time guardian)
Replace E_sm (Bubble frog-like enemy)
Replace E_sm2 (Chu Chus)
Replace ky_tag0
Replace ky_tag1 (Dense clouds or fog)
Replace ky_tag2
Replace ky_tag3 (Dense clouds or fog)
Replace kytag3
Replace DK_tag
Replace PPHole
Replace KY_chg
Replace Plight
Replace KY_mk
Replace Bound
Replace WC_tag (Dense clouds or fog)
Replace Sparks
Replace Tcntrl

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