Health / Invincibility Codes

TitleRawAction ReplayGame GenieAuthorNoteDemo
No Knockback from getting Hit012AB8:0000
terpsfan101After getting hit you are invincible for 36 frames during knockback and then 32 more frames when you land from knockback. So not getting knocked back actually makes the game tougher if you don't account for the lost invincibility time. The last 2 lines of the code add the 36 invincibility frames you lose from not getting knocked back to the 32 invincibility frames received when landing from a knockback. So you are invincible the same amount of time you would be with knockback.
Take Less Damage011F6E:5941JEST-DWXRterpsfan101

Master Codes

TitleRawAction ReplayGame GenieAuthorNoteDemo
Master Code (Improved)00033E:6020EABT-AA38terpsfan101Gets rid of the blank/red screen and makes the game load faster
Regional Lockout Bypass00055A:6006A2CT-AA44terpsfan101Master Code must be enabled